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All you need to do is

  1. Provide us with as much information as you can.
  2. Tell us if you move house or change contact details.
  3. Tell us if the lender contacts you directly.
  4. Return to us with any information that we need from you.


On average, lenders respond within 6 weeks of the PPI Check being received by them. However, in some instances it can take longer depending on the lender and the nature of your check. There is also the potential that your lender may require further information in order to facilitate your check.

PPI Checking Service

The PPI Checking Service advertised on this site is a FREE check. You will not be charged for this check should you not have PPI. MyBankClaim is partnered with a panel of solicitors and claims management companies (CMCs) licensed to check for PPI on your finances. Once you enquire, we will refer you to one of these partners who will get in touch to arrange the PPI check.

By accepting the terms you consent for us to process your data by transferring it to any of the CMCs or Solicitors on our panel in order for the necessary checks to be carried out for the services requested by you.

Your data will not be sent to more than one CMC or Solicitor on our panel. Your rights to object and for your data to be forgotten together with all other rights are protected. These are set out in detail in our privacy policy.

PPI Claims Service

Once the PPI check is complete, our partners will offer a PPI Claims Service. It will only be offered if it is deemed that you may benefit and you consent to proceed. This service is chargeable. If you choose to proceed with a claim, the partner processing your claim will charge up to 20% + VAT of whatever offer you receive on a successful mis-sold PPI claim. This is determined by the partner processing your claim and will be disclosed to you before they proceed with the claim on your behalf. You have the right to shop around or complete the claim yourself. There is no fee if the claim is unsuccessful.

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