Content Discovered Leads the Way in Online Customer Acquisition

Last month, the first fully online UK mortgage was agreed1. The transaction occurred between the Coventry Building Society and Enact Conveyancing and every element was done online. This included identity verification, all signatures and registration at HM Land registry.

Online Identity Verification

Gone are the days of taking your passport into the bank so they knew who you were. These days, GOV.UK Verify can confirm your identity within 15 minutes. This is for first time users, once you’re set up with the service it should only take a minute or two to sign in.

Who can use it?

If you have a UK address, this service is for you. It allows you to quickly and safely fill in your tax return or check driving licence information. Currently, you can only use it on government services including tax, business, driving and work related information. But soon, they’ll be rolling out the ability to sign your mortgage deeds and add driving licence information to your smartphone.

Finances Online

Over the past few years, we’ve been doing an increasing amount of banking online. Back in 2007, 75% of us went into the branch to apply for a current account. These days that’s down to 51%, with 38% of us opening them online2.

Banks are now further enhancing their ability to on-board new customers digitally. Not just via the computer, but on their smartphone too. 38% of us now use mobile banking either daily or weekly. Digital signatures and photographic identity captured via smartphone are key to this process.

Content Discovered Leads the Way in Online Customer Acquisition

While the financial industry plays catch up elsewhere, we’re on hand to provide bespoke customer acquisition plans using the latest new technologies. Our industry experts reach targeted audiences around the web, across different devices and mediums. Combining emotionally engaging adverts and our new QuickPack electronic signature technology makes direct interaction unnecessary; you simply get customers ready to transact. If you’re ready to get one step ahead of the competition, let’s talk.


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