Long before the UK Finance report was published, we were already operating to their impeccable standards.

The financial landscape is changing. Stuffy banks full of middle-aged men in suits stand aside as young, forward-thinking organisations rush past them. Their leaders are from a different generation, in touch with consumer appetite for speed and efficiency. But there is still something we can learn from financiers of years gone by. Risk aversion.

Recognising Non-Financial Risk

According to a new joint report produced by UK Finance supported by Parker Fitzgerald, data safeguarding is key to the sustainability of digital finance. New technologies allow the development of new services and reduced operating costs.

However, non-financial risks are brought to the fore by the scale and speed of the digital revolution. General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) implementation offers an opportunity for businesses to focus on non-financial risk.

Closing the gap

UK Finance believe that a forward-thinking approach to IT systems is key to risk mitigation. The report states:

“Close the gap between incumbents’ digital aspirations and the reality of legacy IT estates. Noregret moves include reducing reliance on legacy systems; de-cluttering and decommissioning redundant systems; and using analytics to provide modelling on key operational risks.”

The Content Discovered Approach

We understand the importance of data security to both our clients and their customers. Long before the UK Finance report was published, we were already operating to their impeccable standards.

Continuous improvement is a key element of our business model, and technology is no exception. Ongoing performance analysis extends far beyond individual campaigns. As the market leader in electronically signed claim packs, our systems are superior in every way.

QuickPack signatures are the most secure way of making fully online claims. This method allows you to upload or draw your real signature directly onto a document. In the same way as a wet signature, lenders can verify identity by comparing signature samples.

The future

As UK Finance recommend more effective regulation of digital finance, Content Discovered continues to lead the way. We will always use technology that goes above and beyond

regulatory requirements to ensure data integrity for every business and individual we encounter.


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