We establish the key features of your product or service then conduct rigorous competitor research to establish content themes. This in turn informs the demographics and other targeting criteria which will best respond to these themes.


We conduct dozens of tests using criteria and parameters set during the research phase. The tests are run across numerous data segments, device types and publishers to refine the ideal customer and scale campaigns. At all times we assess the results against an agreed set of KPIs.


Test, re-test and test again. Any necessary campaign adjustments are continuously implemented which turn drives a new set of parameters for future campaigns. With every iteration, efficiency and volume are increased.

Throughout this process, we work with you to ensure results beat expectations. Any emerging product developments will be applied to our campaigns to maintain high levels of relevant customer engagement.


We start with your product and use its benefits and features to build compelling content including advertorials and headlines.


We distribute our content across a huge range of publishers and social media platforms according to your budget and requirements.


Content is continuously optimised to ensure peak conversion of clicks into customers.


Customer details are qualified to ensure that data integrity and validity is maintained to an exceptional standard.


Customers are delivered in real time to your system through API integration.

and Optimisation

At Content Discovered, we strive for continuous improvement. We pride ourselves on managing by exception and our continuous analysis of campaign performance is one of the keys to our success. Every failure, anomaly and trend change is an opportunity to optimise your campaign ensuring we provide you with all the customers you can handle.


From the moment a campaign launches, we run regular project status reports and media forecasts. Any content not performing to expectation will be changed. We employ every trick in the book such as innovative calls to action and hybrid content which informs during engagement.


Constant monitoring of the balance between mobile and desktop adverts is coupled with daily product and device research to ensure optimum performance. We work closely with many ad networks to find new publishers and placements to incorporate into test campaigns.

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