Our dynamic team of industry experts creates bespoke customer acquisition plans to save you time and money. Using advanced media buying and content discovery techniques, we reach and engage target audiences around the web on many different devices and media types. Relevant, emotionally engaging adverts are presented to prospective customers inspiring them to act.

Importantly, we employ proprietary workflow technologies including digital document signing and real time identity verification to qualify customers for your business online. You receive all required information for customer onboarding with no need to make subsequent telephone contact. Time and cost savings are huge and drop off rates decrease dramatically. If your business is ready to grow and flourish, it’s time to get in touch.

An experienced team of marketing and technology specialists

The specialist team at Content Discovered boasts a wealth of experience in marketing automation and technology services provision. Our backgrounds are diverse, with a bias towards the legal and financial services sectors.

We share a passion for digital marketing and a focus on automating as much of our regular activity as possible. This allows us to spend more time optimising, rather than managing, our marketing campaigns. We are constantly improving and thinking of new ways to fulfil on client expectations.

Content Discovered was created to tackle two industry needs:

Consistent, quality customer acquisition. We shy away from the typical transactional approach to acquiring customers used by many data brokerages and marketing agencies preferring instead to tell stories which inspire action.

Systematic media buying. Our media buying process is data drive relying on algorithmic analysis to drive optimisations on native and social marketing platforms. This greatly simplifies customer acquisition across a broad range of products and services.

Creating and distributing compelling content

Formed by Jonathan Erwin and Jack Beazley in 2016, Content Discovered creates and distributes compelling content around the web on many different device and media types. We employ proprietary workflow technologies including digital document signing and real time identity verification across diverse industry sectors. Our robust approach allows us to send fully qualified customers directly to our clients, eliminating the need for most forms of customer contact.

The business has grown rapidly in the tech-hub heart of Norwich, achieving 7-figure revenue inside its first year of trading. We’re currently scaling our team of 15 staff so are always on the look-out for creative digital specialists and brilliant developers to join us.

As you’d expect from an industry thought-leader, we never stop innovating. We tailor our approach to your goals and requirements and create relevant, effective campaigns that generate all the customers you can handle.

If your business is ready to take the next step, it’s time to get in touch.

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